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INTERVIEW: Cem Kaya (Director of Remake, Remix, Rip-Off)

Cem Kaya’s fantastic documentary Remake, Remix, Rip-Off screens at FrightFest this weekend. It’s a long-awaited delve into the wild, wild world of the Turkish Fantastic Cinema (AKA Turkish Pop Cinema, AKA Turkish Remakesploitation) and it doesn’t disappoint – long-time fans, casual … Continue reading

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What does VHS mean to you?

What does VHS mean to you? Three quite different but uniformly excellent documentaries at Edinburgh International Film Festival – Remake, Remix, Rip-off (Cem Kaya, 2014), Chuck Norris Vs Communism (Ilinca Calugareanu, 2015) and Stand by for Tape Back-Up (Ross Sutherland, … Continue reading

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Movie Rip-Offs : A User’s Guide – Turkish Remakesploitation

Many thanks once again to Gokay Gelgec of the Sinematik website and Bill Barounis of Onar Films for invaluable background information on these films and the culture they were made in. Wherever possible, I’ve referred to the best-presented and ‘official’ … Continue reading

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Movie Rip-Offs : A User’s Guide – Turkish Superman

Since my last post, I’ve become aware of a much better term for what I initially referred to as Unauthorised Foreign Versions – it’s ‘Remakesploitation’. With hindsight, International Remakesploitation would have been an even better term. Even though the majority … Continue reading

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Movie Rip-Offs : A User’s Guide – Introduction

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series I intend to write here about movie rip-offs, knock-offs, clones and cash-ins. This introduction should hopefully explain what I take those terms to mean and suggest the kind of … Continue reading

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