Physical Impossibility #4: Guide to World Cinema


Sometimes, certain types of films rely on a very particular set of temporal and geographical circumstances to flourish. From 1985 Winnipeg to 1980s Paris, from Communist Yugoslavia to Giallo Italy, from the transgression of New York to the heroic bloodshed of 90s Hong Kong, Guide to World Cinema is dedicated to breaking the hands off the clock, bounding back and forth across the globe and generally getting lost in a series of beautiful and unique cinematic snowstorms.

Physical Impossibility #4: Guide to World Cinema features original writing by Ryan Atkinson, Ryan Balmer, Ed Glaser, Craig McClure, Paul McGarvey, Harriet Warman, Sean Welsh and Craig Woods alongside illustrations by Jon Adam, Sara Alonso-Martinez, Laura Aitchison, Emily Chappell, Saffron Conley, Ciara Dunne, Valpuri Karinen, Erin McGrath, Alexander Mitchell and Alana Richards.

Buy your copy here.

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