Chi-Raq Programme Note for GFT

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‘In da year 411 BC, before baby Jesus, y’all,
Da Greek Aristophanes penned a play satirizin’ his day.
And, in the style of his time, ‘Stophanes made dat shit rhyme…’

Chi-Raq (Spike Lee, 2015) is screening at GFT from Friday 2nd December to Thursday 8th December. My accompanying programme note will be available at screenings and there’s an online version at GFT’s blog here.


“When you are honest about American life, subtle doesn’t work for us, we’re too stupid for subtle… Sophisticated people think they get it and say, ‘Oh, this is great,’ but that is such a small percentage of the people out there that we want to reach with the film. The sophisticated people aren’t the ones we want to reach with the film. I mean, the sophisticated people aren’t the victims of what’s going on.”

Kevin Willmott, screenwriter of Chi-Raq (Indiewire).

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