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This September, Scalaramathe DIY Celebration of Cinema, hits Glasgow like never before. From a cozy living room in Bearsden to the epic Planetarium, a wild range of screens across the city will display an even wilder range of films, as independent exhibitors join forces with festival programmers, film clubs and venues to present a month-long festival of film in all shapes and sizes.

Scalarama invites everyone to celebrate cinema by showing a film to others. Since 2011, September has seen hundreds of cinemas, film clubs, festival and societies come together to tell the world why they love screening films. Scalarama has also helped people show films for the first time and/or discover new cinemas locally, guiding them through the process and bringing like-minded people closer together. Glasgow joins groups in Bristol, Liverpool, London, Leeds, Manchester and all across the UK in filling the land with cinemas, originally in tribute to London’s legendary Scala Cinema which closed in 1993. The core theme now is DIY – Scalarama is moving towards a completely open-sourced, volunteer-led, DIY season, run by and for cinema enthusiasts across the world.

In Glasgow’s line-up this year, there’s a VHS Trash Triple Bill celebrating the 40th anniversary of the VCR player; the 35mm debut of a new documentary about Quentin Tarantino’s own cinema; a specially-curated programme of beautiful animated shorts; Braveheart with pub grub; several live music events; a double bill of New Zealand’s man-alone action films; A 100-year old Charlie Chaplin classic; a super-rare screening of a Tropical Horror classic; a sci-fi classic on a stellar screen; a truly punk closing party in the vein of Malcolm McLaren’s Midnight Special…and much more. Anyone can take part in Scalarama – there’s even a Home Cinema Day (Sunday 25/09), encouraging you simply to put on a film or two and share the experience with pals and online. Scalarama Glasgow is supported by BFI Film Forever and Film Hub Scotland.

See the full programme, with ticket links, here.
Browse the Glasgow brochure here.
Scalarama Glasgow: Facebook Twitter | Official site

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