Matchbox Cineclub #11: The World’s Greatest Sinner

Matchbox Cineclub‘s November screening will be the original punk rock movie – Timothy Carey’s The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962), a masterpiece of outsider art, DIY cinema and maverick midnight madness – and a sizzling tincture of sex-death-rocknroll, politics, religion and ssSIN!

Timothy Carey (1929-1994) was a Brooklyn-born character actor best known for his roles in a couple of early Stanley Kubrick films, The Killing (1956) and Paths of Glory (1957), and John Cassavetes’ The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976). Quentin Tarantino later dedicated his Reservoir Dogs script to Carey, and described him as “One of the great eccentric character actors of all time.”

Dedication to Timothy Carey in Reservoir Dogs script

Dedication to Timothy Carey in Reservoir Dogs script

Criminally less well-known is his directorial debut, The World’s Greatest Sinner, which Carey also wrote, produced and starred in. It’s the story of an insurance salesman (Carey) who finds rock ‘n’ roll, then religion, decides he’s God and runs for President before climactically challenging the “real” God to a fight. Carey sparked a riot at its world premiere when he fired a gun into the roof of the cinema.

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There are hundreds more incredible stories about Carey and this film, but for now just know it’s a perfect Matchbox film and we really can’t wait to show you it.

This screening is by arrangement with Absolute Films.

Stay up-to-date via the Facebook event page, here.

Tickets available via Eventbrite, here.

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