Matchbox Cineclub Presents: VIDEO ON @ Sofi’s


Matchbox Cineclub is back! We’re bringing our VIDEO ON event to Sofi’s in Edinburgh in a four-week residency. Every Monday evening in August, we invite you into Sofi’s back room while we stick a tape on – the kind you might once have set to record overnight, never suspecting what rare treats you would capture as you slept. Each programme is themed to a cult film director – four weeks, four tapes – every one full of strange delights: adverts, oddities, ephemera and lost treasure.

Week 1: “ABSURD”

Week 2: “TRASH”

Week 3: “CHAOS”

Week 4: “BLOOD”

On Monday 04/08/14, the intrepid few are invited to immerse themselves in the tape marked “ABSURD”. The exact content will be a mystery until after the event, but expect an exclusive cornucopia of David Lynch rarities and other complementary content. Later weeks are dedicated to John Waters, Werner Herzog and Quentin Tarantino.

Facebook event page

Matchbox Cineclub

Sofi’s Bar


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