I Love Bad Movies #6


The latest issue of the I Love Bad Movies zine is here, and it’s the best news to come out of New York since I heard Viva Herbal Pizzeria on 2nd Avenue had unexpectedly shut. Admittedly, the bar was pretty low, because that was legitimately disappointing news. Nevertheless, #6 of the always awesome zine is here, this time featuring some writing by yours truly. Readers of the Physical Impossibility zine will be familiar with the editors of I Love Bad Movies, Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh, who contributed writing and illustration respectively to the Popcorn Droppers issue. They were also instrumental in getting Physical Impossibility stocked in New York, and are just generally super cool folks.

Volume Six of I Love Bad Movies is food-themed and features writing from – deep breath – Claudia Eve Beauchesne, Dan Berube, Matt Bird, Cristina Cacioppo, John Carman, Matt Carman, Matt Desiderio, Eric Epstein, Ezra Fox, Malaka Gharib, Kate Hutchinson, Guy J Jackson, James Jajac, Eleanor Kagan, M Sweeney Lawless, Kevin Maher, Laura Jayne Martin, Dan McCoy, Mary Regan, Claire Sanders, Bob Satuloff, Justin Shatraw, Rick Sloane, Chris Smith, Jay Stern, Matt Sullivan, Stuart Wellington, Timmy Williams and Kseniya Yarosh, not to mention illustrations by Erin Gallagher, Greg Rebis,  James Jajac, Mary Regan, Claire Sanders and Stuart Wellington.

As you may glean from the above list, with over 70 pages of content there’s more than plenty material to get your teeth into. My contribution, “A History of Bad Movies & Bad Snacks,” explores the causal link between terrible food and terrible movies. There’s also an essay on J&B Whiskey in Giallo movies, another entitled “Unfortunate Cinematic Sandwiches “, and a look at Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977). AND a recipe to make your own version of The Stuff! I’m thrilled to be involved with this issue, and I can heartily recommend volumes 1 through 5, all of which are still available to buy.




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