Hello! Just a quick update with the full run-down of my contributions to the Glasgow Film Festival website, in my fourth year as official GFF blogger. First, the picks of the programme which, while a little out-of-date by now, are still incredibly readable and fascinating in themselves:

Five Picks From the Festival Programme

Picks From the Festival Programme: CineChile

Picks From the Festival Programme: Stranger Than Fiction

Then there are the short questionnaires I gave to some key GFF staff members, asking about how they came to GFF, their favourite GFF memories and what the future might hold:

Five Questions for…Sharon Grogans (GFF Special Projects Manager)

Five Questions for…Corinne Orton (Festival Producer)

Five Questions for…Sean Greenhorn (GFF Programme Coordinator)

Then interviews with two directors whose work featured in the Crossing The Line strand, “where visual art and cinema combine,” programmed by the wonderful Carolyn Mills:

Interview: Museum of Loneliness with Chris Petit

Interview: Ed Atkins (Man of Steel)

And finally, the main feature – eight diaries covering 11 days of film watching, event attending, frantic writing and a reasonable amount of standing in queues. There are reviews, recounting of Q&As and blow-by-blows of special events and performances:

Festival Diary #1

Festival Diary #2

Festival Diary #3

Festival Diary #4

Festival Diary #5

Festival Diary #6

Festival Diary #7

Festival Diary #8

During the festival, I launched the second issue of my movie zine, Physical Impossibility, at Saramago. (I also managed to stuff one into the hands of Mark Cousins at the festival closing party.) Read more about the zine here, and find out how to pick up a copy here. These photos of the launch were taken quite early on in the evening:


Allison Gardner (Glasgow Film Festival Co-Director) and John McShane (AKA Books & Comics and Fat Man Press co-founder) at the Physical Impossibility #2 launch. Also myself, zine contributor Laura Aitchison and man/myth Stewart Hunter in the background.

Thanks again to GFF for having me, to all the venue staff and volunteers, the Sunday Herald for having me on their Everyone’s A Critic panel and to Tommy McCormick for being a pacemaker par excellence and for generally keeping GFT in business.

p.s. I’d also like to recommend you check out the contributions of my fellow GFF blogger, the extraordinary Chris Buckle:

Five Picks From The Festival Programme: Chris Buckle

Chris Buckle’s Festival Diary #1

Chris Buckle’s Festival Diary #2

Chris Buckle’s Festival Diary #3

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