Blogging for Glasgow Film Festival 2013

GFF lanyard

In February, which admittedly was fucking ages ago now, I was the official blogger for Glasgow Film Festival 2013. This was my third year writing for the festival’s website and the first with an official lanyard (see above). Unfortunately, I had to skip the final weekend due to a pesky, unmissable stag weekend – meaning I lost out on all of FrightFest and a brace of films I’d have loved to have seen, not to mention seeing Mr Joss Whedon at the Closing Gala. Nevertheless, I covered a load of films and events and had the chance to conduct some filmmaker interviews. Without further ado (and no Ado at all, in fact) here’s my coverage of GFF13:

Five Picks from The Festival Programme

Five Picks from The Festival Programme Take 2

An Interview with Terence Nance (director of An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty)

Five Picks From The Documentary Strand

An Interview with Rob Savage (director of Strings)

Festival Diary #1

An Interview with Robert Rae (director of The Happy Lands)

Festival Diary #2

Festival Diary #3

Festival Diary #4

Festival Diary #5

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