MIX: Final Sean’s Sleepaway Camp Mix

I did a short mix of some hopefully lesser-heard Halloweeny songs. I’m not a DJ, so it’s more like a mix-tape for you to listen to while you get dressed up. My band, Final Girl, will also shortly be adding some brand new songs to our Soundcloud page. Happy Halloween, you spooky sons of bitches, here’s the tracklisting:

1. ‘House at the Edge of the Dark’ by The Giallos Flame
You can make a fair stab at what these guys (it’s really just one guy, called Ron Graham) sound like from their song titles – ‘1979 Bronx Warriors’, ‘Tenebre Viventi’, ‘Manhattan Baby’…

2. ‘Goddess of Death’ by St John Green
Kim Fowley-associated creep-out sounds.

3. ‘Skeletons’ by Inflatable Boy Clams
A San Francisco girl band that only ever made one record, in 1981, that wasn’t well-known even then. This is why the internet is brilliant.

4. ‘Death Dance’ by The Meteors
Psychobilly classic, also from 1981.

5. ‘Witch’s Egg’ by Oingo Boingo
From the soundtrack to the perfect and completely unique Forbidden Zone, directed by Richard Elfman, co-written by Matthew “Freeway” Bright and based on the performances of Oingo Boingo. Psychotic and hilarious, this is sung by the Queen of the Sixth Dimension (Susan Tyrell, who narrated Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards and later starred in John Water’s Cry Baby.)

6. ‘Magic and Ecstasy’ by Ennio Morricone
From the soundtrack to the Exorcist II: The Heretic, a barnstorming example of how Morricone is so much more than his spaghetti western soundtracks.

7. ‘Werewolf (Loose in London)’ by Meco
Meco was/is the genius who first had the idea to do disco versions of famous film soundtracks. He kicked off in 1977 with his version of Star Wars, but this is from 1981, inspired by An American Werewolf in London. It’s not disco, but it’s fucking awesome.

8. ‘All the Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons’ by cast of Evil Dead the Musical
I don’t know how to describe this any better than the track description does. They should do it on Glee.

9. ‘Hell’ by Rick Wakeman
From the soundtrack to Listzomania, Ken Russell’s “exotic, erotic electrifying rock fantasy” that “out-Tommys ‘Tommy’.” They never did it on ice, to the disappointment of Wakeman fans everywhere.

10. ‘Big Bad Wolf’ by Bunny & The Wolf Sisters
Lovely vocoder pop-electro from the soundtrack to Teen Wolf.

11. ‘Magic’ by Mick Smiley
From the Ghostbusters soundtrack, this is an edit of the bit that’s in the film (the rest of the actual song is a bit rubbish).

12. ‘Satan Said Dance’ by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

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