Coverage of the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2011 for The List

I’m just back from covering the 2011 Edinburgh International Film Festival for The List’s website. I saw 36,000 movies, walked 58,000 miles back and forth between the venues and generally had myself a time. Here is the proof – eight overwritten blogs, written on the hop, featuring at least one made-up word:

Interview with Oliver Sherman director, Ryan Redford

Interview with Our Day Will Come director, Romain Gavras

Interview with Béla Tarr on his final film, Turin Horse

Interview with Convento director, Jarred Alterman

Interview with Jean Marc Calvet and the director of CALVET, Dominic Allan

Interview with Art Malik, John Lynch and the director of Ghosted, Craig Viveiros

Round-up of Shorts Programmes

Reflections on EIFF 2011

And that’s it. To see how a real pro does it, check out the contributions of my fellow List blogger Paul Gallagher.

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