Coverage of the Glasgow Film Festival 2011

Last month, I was an official blogger for the Glasgow Film Festival 2011, a great excuse to take in films, events and gigs and write about them with a free hand, albeit unpaid. Prior to the start of the festival, I also contributed some freelance previews to The List magazine for the musical events tied into the concurrent Glasgow Music and Film Festival 2011. Although the blogging role was a volunteer position, it was still an application process and I came on board just a couple of days before the festival began. I was invited to pick what I wanted to cover from the programme, and the role was not too prescriptive – something along the lines of adding “another voice” to the website, with a leaning towards screenings that would be repeated later. Because I got involved relatively late and I could only get tickets to screenings and events not already sold out (and, as far as I know, there were no press screenings), I couldn’t cover everything I might have wanted to, but I still managed to pack plenty in. If I had my time over, I wouldn’t have held off buying tickets myself for all the stuff I wanted to see, but that’s what you get for trying to be a freeloading freelancer. Thanks to Jen Davies for allowing me to get involved and to the festival staff for being accommodating (one thing I didn’t cover was Erin McGrath’s amazing design work, which was on show in the upstairs bar at the GFT and is awesome). Follow the links below for the coverage.

Five Reasons to see Goblin (The List)

Faust with Alex Smoke Preview (The List)

Lucky Dragons: No Boundaries, No Hierarchies Preview (The List)

Five Must-See Music-Related Films (GFF 2011 Blog)

Glasgow, I Love You Review (GFF 2011 Blog)

Five Must-See Cult Classics (GFF 2011 Blog)

Film Festival Diary No. 1 (GFF 2011 Blog)

One Hundred Mornings Review (GFF 2011 Blog)

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut Preview (GFF 2011 Blog)

Stake Land Review (GFF 2011 Blog)

Film Festival Diary No. 2 (GFF 2011 Blog)

A Distant Neighbourhood Review (GFF 2011 Blog)

Mark Millar Workshop Review (GFF 2011 Blog)

At The Heart Of Everything A Row Of Holes Review (GFF 2011 Blog)

Goblin Review (GFF 2011 Blog)

Ivory Tower Review (GFF 2011 Blog)

Film Festival Diary No. 3 (GFF 2011 Blog)

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